Here we are going to discuss about some common Idioms and Phrases that comes in your competative or any government exams.So if you are preparing for any competative exams or for government jobs you should read this list of Idioms and Phrases with their meanings and sentences.


1. ABC - most elementary knowledge
- She does not know even the ABC of English

2. Above board - to do something openly
- All the provincial parties criticise one another above board .

3. On account of - because of

- He is absent from the duty on account of his marriage.

4. Within an ace of - failing , escaping by a narrow margin

- A stranger was within an ace of being run down by a speedy car.

5. To add fuel to fire - to say something that makes people react more strongly or fiercely.

- The headman added fuel to fire by provoking the angry mob to attack the police van. 

6. An even bet - the most probability of success and failure.

- Most of the leaders face an even bet in elections.

7. Times gone by - in old times.

- Women were burnt to death along with the dead bodies of their husband times gone by.

8. To make bricks without straw - to plan or act on an unrealistic basic.

- One should not make bricks without straw.

9. To break the ice - to make a beginning; to overcome reserve.

- The announcer broke the ice by introducing all his musicians to one another.

10. Bread buttered on both sides - fortunate circumstances; very lucky

- Mr.Singh enjoys the bread buttered on both sides.

11. To keep body and soul together - to maintain life, to support oneself.

- It is very difficult for millions of people in India to keep body and soul together.

12. Whole bags of bricks - everything needed for a purpose.

- Our publisher used the whole bag of bricks to solve the problems of publication.

13. To bring to book - to bring to Justice.

- Terrorists should be brought to book.

14. To break into sweat - to perspire suddenly.

- She broke into sweat after the race.

15. Bread and cheese - simple food

- Saints live on bread and cheese.

16. To bite the dust - to be killed ,to fall to the ground

- Thousands of Pakistani shoulders bit the dust in the Kargil War. 

17. To spend one's breath - to talk uselessly and be tired.

- Nobody should spend his breath.

18. On the bread line - very poor

- A large number of families are on the breadline in my village.

19. To die in bed - to die in natural death

- Everyone wishes to dies in bed.

20. To bear the burnt of - to endure the main force , shock or impact of

- Our soldiers have to bear the burnt of the war. 

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