Sporting Culture in a Developing Country

What role can psychology play in making sports an integral activity for all members of the society and in making sports a part of everyone's life?

Excellence in sports is an index of progress & development of a nation. Excellence in sports bring glory & honor to the nation. Sports contribute toward physical, mental and Psychological health of the people & therefore if in the people of our country sporting culture becomes an integral part of their lifestyle, a healthier & disciplined nation can emerge.

sports culture in india

To develop culture of sports, the most important element is a mindset change on the part of parents as their behavior influences the aspiration their children are likely to carry for sports. Incentivisation of sporting career, better availability of sporting infrastructure, making sports a part of school curriculum & making use of credible role models in field of sports or otherwise to propagate the message about making sports an integral part of one’s life can also help to promote sports culture. The importance is to build societal norms that make taking part in sport and exercise activity a compulsory requirement can also give a big push to the promotion of sports culture. Making people realize through persuasive communication by mass media about the health benefits that sports and exercise can bring about can also contribute to the promotion of sporting culture.

Psychologists can render great contribution in this direction by:

  • a)Helping educators design curriculum that automatically interests the student to take up sports not only as a part of leisure activity but also a career option.
  • b)Using reinforcement effectively to change aspiration for power motivation that one is likely to get in bureaucratic jobs to achievement motivation obtained through excellence in sports.
  • c) Psychologists through the use of variation and direct reinforcement can help build critical awareness in general public about the relevance of sports for better health & that age is no yardstick for picking up an exercise or physical activity.
  • d)Psychologists can help budding sports persons to get realistic goals, use imagery to practice when equipment is not available, assist coaches in talent hunt & enable sportspersons develop mental strength & emotional stability. When athletes turn out be winners they can enthuse more & more members of population toward sports.
  • e) Psychologist at societal level can bring about attitude change in the direction of sports and exercise in general public & inculcate in then a value of commitment for sports & exercise.

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